Barclay Business Park

Barclay Business Park is in Aintree, Liverpool, and consists of multiple industrial units, offices and trade counters. With a diverse range of businesses operating within the park, there are many advantages to renting a property at Barclay Business Park that your business can benefit from that we have listed below.

Business Park or City Centre Offices - How to Decide?

If you are looking through a vast amount of 'offices to let' signs but not sure which direction to go - then you aren't alone! 

1000's of businesses have asked themselves the same question - a city-centre office or a business park office? 

Commercial Property to Rent: Lee High Road, Lewisham

Looking for a commercial property to rent within the South East London area? 

Here at Centaur Properties, we have a vast collection of commercial properties across the UK, providing you with an elite array of choice and flexible leasing packages to align with them. 

How to Choose an Industrial Estate

When looking to rent a commercial property in Liverpool, you need to consider a number of factors before deciding where to site your business. Industrial parks make for a great investment for many companies, offering as they do several advantages over setting up shop in a town centre or other commercial district.

Clydesmuir Industrial Estate, Tremorfa

Here at Centaur Properties, we are constantly on the lookout for quality commercial premises for our clients across the country, and the new commercial unit we have available in the Clydesmuir Industrial Estate certainly meets that criteria.

What Size Office Do You Need?

Looking for new premises for your business is an exciting time, but it’s a serious decision that will have a big impact on your company, so you need to consider several different factors.