Decorating Your Office For Improved Productivity

Improving productivity in the workplace is a key responsibility for all managers, whatever industry they’re in, but it’s not always easy to find a cost-effective and employee-focussed method of doing so. One of the easiest ways to improve productivity and boost morale is to give your office a new lease of life by redecorating.

Whether you’ve been in your place of work for a while, or have just found new offices to rent in Liverpool, changing the look of your workplace can do wonders for your team’s productivity. Here are some simple ways you can make a difference.

What is a Light Industrial Unit?

Businesses across the UK have been taking advantage of light industrial units over the last few years and Liverpool is no exception. These versatile workspaces provide a valuable asset for all kinds of businesses, from retailers and distributors, through manufacturers and producers, to sports clubs, gyms, and more.

With a variety of light industrial units for rent in Liverpool, there’s never been a better time to discover their unique advantages for yourself. But what exactly is a light industrial unit and how can it work for you? Those are two of the questions we’re looking to answer in this article:

Top Tips for Choosing a New Office

Choosing a new office for your business is not something you should attempt lightly. It can be quite the daunting task, with plenty of research to be undertaken to ensure you meet your company’s specific needs whilst still receiving value for money.

These are just some of the things any business owner should consider before choosing a new office space for their staff.

5 Things to Consider Before Opening a Shop

There is always an element of risk with starting any new business. With high street commerce forever changed by the shift to online shopping and the impact of the 2020 coronavirus lockdown, this is certainly true of the retail sector.

Like any new enterprise, asking the right questions beforehand can go a long way towards avoiding (or, at least, mitigating) some of those risks. These are just some of the things you should consider:

Designing an Open Plan Office Space

Open plan office spaces can provide many benefits for a business, from cutting rent costs to optimising the use of larger rooms. Additionally, an open floor plan builds a sense of community and team work between employees by encouraging collaborative working.

The layout of an open plan office depends on the type of work you do. In general, it will consist of multiple tables and chairs in close proximity to each other, allowing the team to communicate instantly, preventing project holdups and wasted time. 

How Much Office Space Do I Need?

Finding the ideal space to run your business can be challenging. For cities in the UK like Liverpool, commercial space availability varies between location and demand. Due to price and availability constraints, it’s essential to have an accurate idea of how much space you’ll need.

When you’re looking to rent an office space for your business, you want to ensure that there’s enough square footage to accommodate your employees, meetings, equipment, furniture, and have extra free space for potential expansion. To get you started, here is Centaur Properties' helpful guide on calculating your office space requirements.