5 Ways to Keep Your Office Space Looking Amazing

Studies have shown that a messy working environment leads to a drop in productivity and a lowering of morale. But what can you do to keep your workplace clean and tidy?

As a leading provider of offices to rent in Liverpool, we’ve put together the following handy hints…

Have a clear out

If you’re moving to a new office, there’s no better time than the present to declutter your workspace, but you can’t take any half measures. Be ruthless with what you’re taking with you (or rather, what you’re not). Aside from things like financial records and employee information, it’s worth considering a six-month rule. If nobody in the office has used an item in the last six months, do you really need it?

A place for everything and everything in its place

Whatever you keep in your office – whether it’s forms and stationery or product samples and IT equipment, make sure everything has a space it can call its own. Not only will this help you and your staff to keep the workplace tidy, it also means that everybody knows where everything should be.

Keep things clear

Establishing a clear desk policy for your staff should be a number one priority for any office manager. Make sure you word it so that it’s easy to understand and comply with. A clear desk policy doesn’t necessarily mean no personalised workspaces or family photos. It can simply mean no dirty cups, no papers left on the desk, stationery kept in a pedestal, and things of that nature.

Use antibacterial wipes

If the recent pandemic has taught us nothing else, it’s how filthy everyday surfaces can get without even knowing it. Bacteria spreads like wildfire, particularly in offices and especially if your employees hot-desk. Keep a steady stock of antibacterial surface wipe in your supply cupboard and encourage their use. Not only will it reduce colds and stomach bugs, but it will also help keep your desks and equipment sparkling clean.

Choose the right office

Of course, the best way to keep your office clean is to choose the right office space in the first place. Some offices seem designed to attract clutter, with so many nooks and crannies that they’re almost daring you to fill them with any old stuff. On the other hand, a bright, open-plan office building with plenty of storage space for your essential items makes keeping on top of the clutter so much easier.

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