Nelsons Business Park

Businesses looking to relocate or expand into Merseyside should certainly consider one of our prime locations – Nelsons Business Park in Liverpool.

Located on the aptly-named Long Lane in Aintree on the outskirts of the city, this expansive business park has much to offer any company.

Planning an Office Move During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As the country starts to ease itself out of lockdown, businesses across the UK are opening up for the first time in months. Many have spent the intervening time planning their respective futures, while others may have been about to expand before the lockdown.

Organising Your Office to Comply with Social Distancing Guidelines

The UK government is currently looking at ways to loosen the COVID-19 lockdown guidelines, whilst also keeping members of the public as safe as possible. With luck, these measures will mean that businesses up and down the country will be able to return to some sense of normality.

Tips for Running your Business During Lockdown

As we enter the third month of this unprecedented national lockdown over the COVID-19 outbreak, many businesses are working hard to keep themselves afloat until the restrictions are fully lifted.

Choosing the Right Lease for Company Growth

Choosing the right commercial property isn’t simply a matter of it ticking the right boxes for your current position. You must also allow room for your business to grow.