Planning an Office Move During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As the country starts to ease itself out of lockdown, businesses across the UK are opening up for the first time in months. Many have spent the intervening time planning their respective futures, while others may have been about to expand before the lockdown.

While things aren’t 100% back to normal, if you’re looking for offices to rent in Liverpool, you have come to the right place. Here at Centaur Properties, we understand the importance of maintaining continuity for your business enterprise. We have been operating throughout the lockdown period, providing socially-distanced viewings of our extensive portfolio of Liverpool business properties. If you need to change your place of work – for whatever reason – give the team a call today .

If you’re planning an office move, don’t forget that the coronavirus is still out there. Social distancing and other safety measures are likely to be in place for some time.

Here are a few hints and tips for those of you anticipating a move during these tumultuous times.

Hire a trusted removal company

Many removal companies are still operating throughout the pandemic and most of them will have posted details of how their way of working has adapted to the changes. Pay attention to these and choose a moving company that is committed to completing your office move in as safe a manner as possible.

Invest in a deep clean

Before you move into your new office, ask your letting company if the offices will be deep cleaned prior to your move. If not, it’s a worthwhile investment to arrange this yourself, either before you transfer all your office equipment, or just before your staff move in.

Look after your team

It’s best to involve as few members of your team as possible during the move itself. Some of them will need to be there, of course, to direct the removals team, install the IT infrastructure, perform pre- and post-move checks, and so on. Make sure any staff involved in the move know what’s expected of them and how they can successfully socially distance from one another. Likewise, ensure that they have any protective equipment they need, including face masks and hand sanitiser.

Pack in advance

Studies suggest that COVID-19 can remain active on cardboard for as long as 24-hours. Make sure all your office equipment is packed up and ready to go with at least 24 hours to spare, as this will limit the chance of any possible infection from spreading to the rest of your work force.

If you’re looking for offices to rent in Liverpool, be sure to contact Centaur Properties on 0845 872 6334. A member of our team will be happy to provide you with our latest guidance regarding COVID-19, as well as our latest property availability.