Renting Commercial Properties: Your Legal Responsibilities as a Tenant

As a commercial tenant, it is important to realise that you have certain responsibilities to those members of your staff working in the building. While some responsibilities will be specifically detailed in your tenancy agreement, there are others that are standard to all commercial tenants and enshrined in UK law.

5 Things to Check Before Signing Your Retail Property Lease

Signing a commercial lease is a major commitment for any business and not one that you should jump into blindly. As experienced letting agents in Merseyside and Liverpool, we have compiled this handy list of things you should check before signing on that dotted line.

Choosing a Business Property that Makes the Right Impression

One of the biggest decisions for any business is choosing the right premises. The goal of any commercial enterprise is to attract both clientele and employees, so you need a building that presents a strong first impression. At Centaur Properties, we are experts in commercial property and office spaceleases across the whole of Liverpool, and we pride ourselves on knowing what makes a building stand out to prospective staff and customers.

5 Important Things to Remember When Relocating your Business

Moving to new business premises is an exciting time for any enterprise and is one that can provide a definite challenge for staff and management alike. With so much to take into consideration, we have come up with a useful list of essential points to keep you headed in the right direction.

How to Maximise Your Office Working Space

It’s the responsibility of any company to maximise efficiency in the workplace, but what about the workplace itself? Could we beusing that more effectively? Here are some tips for making the most of the space you’ve got.

Could your business benefit from hot-desking?

The concept of the workplace conjures images of employees sat at specific desks, among the same teammates, and in the same office. It’s a traditional idea of office life, but one that is increasingly outdated.

As technology improves to help us keep in contact with one another, the need for staff to be corralled in the same office no longer exists. Many companies are utilising hot-desking to create a more agile work environment.