Industrial Storage Units Liverpool

Here at Centaur Properties, we advertise industrial storage units and commercial properties on behalf of commercial agents, landlords, chartered surveyors and property professionals throughout Liverpool. By working on a firsthand basis with commercial letting agents, we discover and list all types of properties including, retail, industrial, offices, warehousing, leisure and hospitality buildings. So whether you’re searching for retail space in the city centre or a warehouse unit on the outskirts of Liverpool, you can find it here on Centaur Properties.

Are Reports About the Death of the Office Premature?

With the rise of advanced technologies and a more tech-savvy lifestyle globally, the decline of the office as the centre of the primary workplace is more prevalent than ever, so it begs the question, if the relevance and necessity of offices have become obsolete, or is it too early to agree with this statement?

Many tech industries already adopt the typical 9-5 work hour lifestyle, and both the new and upcoming generations are embracing the freedom and flexibility of working from home. The rise of 'work from home' and decline in office culture has been heavily debated by various professions and industries for years, with many workers stating that work could not be done from home. 

The Difference Between Commercial and Industrial Properties

For people who are looking to rent or buy their first premise, whether you're an entrepreneur of a startup company, a business owner that wants to expand commercially, or a new landlord looking to invest in multiple properties, it is essential to know the fundamental difference between commercial and industrial properties.

So how do we differentiate between the two and choose the right property for you? Here at Centaur Properties, our friendly and professional team can help you find the right commercial or industrial property type that's best suited for you. Below is a list of differences to guide you before you invest.

Tips for starting a successful business in Liverpool

What factors do business start-ups consider when it is finally time to set up a new business? The perfect location and a bustling city full of enterprises are one of them. There is no doubt that Liverpool is a location filled with commercial companies, entrepreneurship, and innovative start-ups for decades, crowning it as one of the most popular cities for business relocation in the UK.

The growth of creative and digital sectors in Liverpool

It’s been a difficult year, but it seems that despite the disruption of COVID 19, the creative and digital sectors are thriving in our hometown of Liverpool. Providing rich cultural history and one of the largest economies across the UK, Liverpool is a wonderful place for these industries.