How Team Building Events Can Strengthen Your Business

It’s important in today’s business environment that your employees feel valued and not just in monetary terms. Financial compensation for their work is one thing, but repeated studies have shown that staff members want to know that their contribution to your business is appreciated. While there are many ways of recognising the hard work of your team, one of the most effective is organising team-building events.

In this article, we’re going to talk a little about what makes team-building exercises such a successful tool for improving employee morale and productivity, but first:

What is a team-building event?

Different companies have different definitions about what constitutes a team-building event. For the most part, it should be something that involves the entire team, something that gets them away from their desks for a few hours, something that they can actively participate in, and something that is not (directly) work-related. It should be a learning experience, where your staff get to challenge themselves as individuals and a team alike.

Common types of team-building exercises

There are several popular team-building events that you can arrange. You can book a team-building retreat that covers everything from building a raft that will carry your team across a pond, to rock-climbing and abseiling, to fire-walking, trust falls, and everything in between. These events try to cram in as many activities as possible so that there is something for everyone, with many of the exercises designed to take people out of their comfort zones.

Sports and other physical activities are another popular team-building event. Whether you want to book a local 5-a-side football pitch or a basketball court, or something more sedate like ten-pin bowling, it can be a great way for your team to unwind and get closer to one another, with a little friendly competition thrown in.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be so active. You could arrange for a one-day course in cooking, flower-arranging, painting, woodcarving, or anything else that takes the team’s fancy. Keep it light-hearted and collaborative and let your team work together on developing a new skill.

Another popular choice that combines team-building with a sense of giving back to the community is volunteering with a local charity for a couple of days across the year. From putting together hampers at a local food bank, to reading to nursing home residents, charities are always grateful for the extra help and your team gets to work together doing something good for their own community.

How team-building events can improve your company

The main point of any team-building activity is to foster a stronger relationship between the team members. They are designed so that your staff achieve tangible results by working together as a team and that they learn to rely upon and trust one another. The idea of a workplace as being “one big happy family” is a little old-fashioned, but the need for a close bond between people who spend dozens of hours a week in each other's company remains important.

Team-building can improve team loyalty, not just to the company but to each of their team-mates. That alone has been shown to produce more motivated staff members with a greater commitment to their role. These events are designed to have something to strive for, be it a winning score in a sporting event, a finished product for a one-day course, or the satisfaction of helping others when volunteering for a charity. All of these things give you staff a sense of achievement and belonging with the rest of their team, both of which improve staff morale and productivity.

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