5 Reasons Why Liverpool is the Ideal Destination for Business in 2023

Liverpool, a vibrant city located in the northwest of England, has emerged as an ideal destination for businesses in recent years. With its rich history, cultural diversity, and thriving economy, Liverpool offers a host of untapped opportunities for entrepreneurs and corporations alike.

Liverpool aerial view

Overview of the Commercial Property Market in Liverpool

As leading commercial property agents in Liverpool, we have witnessed firsthand the significant boom in Liverpool's commercial property market, making it an attractive destination for businesses. The city offers a wide range of commercial spaces, from modern office buildings to industrial warehouses, catering to the diverse needs of different industries. What sets Liverpool apart is its affordability compared to other major cities in the UK. In 2023, commercial property prices in Liverpool are expected to be more competitive than in London or Manchester, offering businesses the opportunity to secure prime locations at a fraction of the cost.

Comparison of Commercial Property Prices in Liverpool and the Rest of the UK - June 2023

When comparing commercial property prices in Liverpool to the rest of the UK, the city stands out as a cost-effective option for businesses. In recent years, Liverpool has witnessed a surge in property development and regeneration projects, attracting both domestic and international investors. As a result, property rental prices have remained relatively stable, presenting an excellent opportunity for businesses to establish a presence in a thriving city without breaking the bank. Whether you are looking for office space, retail units, or industrial premises, Liverpool offers a range of options to suit your needs and budget.

Royal Liver Building

The Impact of UK Government Investment into Liverpool

The UK government has recognised the potential of Liverpool as a key player in the country's economy and has made significant investments to support its growth. The introduction of the Levelling Up Fund in 2023 further highlights the government's commitment to boosting regional economies, with Liverpool being one of the primary beneficiaries. The Levelling Up Fund aims to invest in infrastructure, connectivity, and regeneration projects, creating opportunities for businesses to thrive in Liverpool. This injection of funds will not only enhance the city's physical infrastructure but also contribute to job creation, attracting talent, and fostering economic growth.

Key Industries and Sectors in Liverpool for Business Opportunities

Liverpool is home to a diverse range of industries and sectors, providing ample opportunities for businesses across various sectors. The city has a strong presence in the maritime and logistics industry, thanks to its well-connected port and strategic location. Additionally, Liverpool has a thriving digital and creative sector, with numerous startups and established companies driving innovation and technological advancements. The healthcare and life sciences sector is also growing rapidly, with world-class research institutions and hospitals attracting investment and fostering collaboration. Whether you are in finance, technology, manufacturing, or any other industry, Liverpool offers a supportive ecosystem and a pool of talent to help your business thrive.

Merseyside Harbor and Buildings

The Thriving Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Liverpool

Liverpool boasts a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem, with a strong support network for startups and small businesses. The city is home to numerous co-working spaces, incubators, and accelerators, providing entrepreneurs with access to resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities.

The collaborative nature of Liverpool's business community fosters innovation and collaboration, making it an ideal environment for startups to grow and succeed. Furthermore, the city hosts various entrepreneurship events and competitions, showcasing the talent and potential that Liverpool has to offer.

Infrastructure and Transportation Developments in Liverpool

Liverpool's infrastructure and transportation developments have played a significant role in its transformation into a business hub. The city has excellent connectivity, with an international airport offering flights to major destinations worldwide. The completion of the high-speed rail link, connecting Liverpool to other major cities in the UK, has further improved accessibility. Additionally, ongoing infrastructure projects, such as the redevelopment of the waterfront and the creation of new business districts, demonstrate Liverpool's commitment to creating a modern and attractive environment for businesses.

Why Liverpool is the Ideal Destination for Business in 2023

Liverpool offers a multitude of untapped opportunities for businesses in 2023. With its affordable commercial property rental prices, government investment, thriving industries, entrepreneurial ecosystem, and infrastructure developments, Liverpool is an ideal destination for business expansion or relocation. Whether you are a startup looking for a supportive environment to grow or an established company seeking new opportunities, Liverpool has the potential to propel your business to new heights.  

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