Winter Planning

Tips and advice to protecting your business this hoiliday season.

Preparing for the holiday season

Winter is upon us it would seem, with all the recent snow which has fallen over Liverpool, England and the rest of the United Kingdom! We hope you are all keeping warm and preparing for the holiday season ahead. The winter months can produce many challenges to businesses, from extreme weather, transport issues and staffing. Planning your business over the cold season is essential, as is looking after the staff who will be experiencing additional stresses and strains at this time of year.

Securing your business

Remember that security is a paramount concern over the festive period as most businesses shut down for a while and rely on security systems in place to look after their premises while nobody is at work. If you are looking to relocate or upgrade your commercial business, then you should seriously consider Business Parks or Office Units with CCTV and 24hr security. 


Finding the right location for your business is a great start. Relocate to one of our commercial buildings located within proximity and easy reach of transport links. Make it as easy as possible for your customers, employees, and suppliers to reach you. You will be glad you did when your competition can’t function as well during severe weather instances such as we are currently experiencing. Simpler commutes for your employees means less time travelling and cheaper travelling costs for them. This in turn makes working for your company more attractive in the longer term.

Get creative with your office space

Engage with your staff and make the working environment a great place to work. Productivity can often increase as a result. Focus on engaging with your staff and improve morale. Some of our commercial properties have access to a gym as part of the terms! Providing on-site exercise facilities is a great way to promote fitness in the workplace and the interaction between employees. Once your business is successful and starts to expand, consider multiple separate office locations. Some businesses feel you don’t always have to have everyone crammed into the same place and having the additional cost of extra space is outweighed by the productivity and morale from a good working environment.


Communication is key to any business succeeding in today's world. It quite simply has never been easier to commute with one another in a virtual way. However, we should always remember the benefits of face to face interaction and the importance of a conducive office layout to promote this. Good office I.T. infrastructure is always important when relocating or renting your first business premises nowadays. Every trade these days seem to be predominantly computer based, so make things easier from the start.

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

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