What are Light Industrial Units Used For?

Light industrial units have seen a major surge in demand over the last few years and it’s not difficult to see why. During the national coronavirus lock downs, many people decided to take the risk of starting their own small commercial venture. Following the lifting of restrictions, many SMEs realised they stood a better chance of surviving tumultuous economic times by being suitably nimble to change tack at a moment’s notice.

Light industrial units are perfectly-formed to meet both of these particular needs, but that’s not their main attraction. The biggest draw of light industrial units is their versatility. As one of the leading providers of light industrial units to rent in Liverpool, we have put together this useful guide to the sorts of businesses that make effective use of such units:


We’ve touched on this already. With a larger allocation of sq. ft, you have plenty of room to install a range of machinery for producing and constructing various products. These units are spacious, with large amounts of headroom being a key feature. Since they start out empty, you can set-up the most efficient methods of production and packing for you and your business.


If your products require assembly before sale, a light industrial unit is an ideal space. Many businesses import their products from other countries or different locations in the UK, and they are often supplied as parts to make shipping more cost-effective. A larger work-space allows you to set up production lines for assembly and packing to meet the demand for your product.

Food production

It’s not just machined products that are made in light industrial units – food production is another sector that makes the most of these spaces. With most units set in a central location, they can form a perfect distribution hub for your products. From product creation to packing and dispatch, they are the ideal choice.


Light industrial units are sometimes referred to as trade units. They act as a combination storage unit and shop floor for any kind of retail work. You can have all of your products available for your customers, with an EPOS system set up at the front for processing sales and taking payments.


With a larger available floor space, light industrial units are a popular choice for storing products before they are sold to consumers. Whether you have a separate shop that you are providing products to, or you are an online business shipping directly, you have the option to hold a large quantity of stock to ensure a continuous supply.

Really… anything else

This really does just begin to scratch the surface of what is possible with a light industrial unit. With a light industrial unit, the only real limit is your imagination.

Whatever sector your business is in, if you’re looking for light industrial units to rent in Liverpool contact Centaur Properties today on 0151 525 5569. We will be able to advise you of our latest availability and arrange a viewing of any of our units.