The Difference Between Commercial and Industrial Properties

For people who are looking to rent or buy their first premise, whether you're an entrepreneur of a startup company, a business owner that wants to expand commercially, or a new landlord looking to invest in multiple properties, it is essential to know the fundamental difference between commercial and industrial properties.

So how do we differentiate between the two and choose the right property for you? Here at Centaur Properties, our friendly and professional team can help you find the right commercial or industrial property type that's best suited for you. Below is a list of differences to guide you before you invest.

Which is better?

Whilst industrial properties refer to any business related to manufacturing goods; commercial properties tend to a business that operates with the main motive of gaining profit. Industrial companies include factories and construction sites; on the other hand, commercial properties develop businesses like restaurants and retail stores. To answer which is better, it all depends on your business type and what kind of activity occurs on the premises.


Commercial properties often operate with its suppliers and subcontractors to reach a specific goal. Constructing a commercial property may require hiring modern designers and architects to make the property stand out and attract more customers for the business.

In addition to modern designs, a commercial property's location is easily accessible to the public, pedestrian-friendly, and situated near a parking space. These are all key aspects to ensure that your business becomes successful. Before a commercial property can operate, the permitting and occupancy requirements must meet the local legal requirements.


Industrial properties are usually located by the city outskirts or rural areas. To make the location easily accessible for transportation and delivered goods, train stations and main roads are always located nearby. This ensures that a business's manufactured goods can flow in and out of the property with ease.

In contrast to commercial properties, the design of an industrial property prioritises function over aesthetics. Industrial buildings like factories are built to support heavy machinery and equipment that must also meet industry property regulations. Industrial properties must meet permitting requirements that comply with the standards from local and state agencies.

Commercial and Industrial properties in Liverpool

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