Is a Trade Counter Right For Your Business?

Renting a unit in an industrial park gives a unique opportunity to open a trade counter, but what do you need to consider when deciding if this would be right for your business?

Centaur Properties have a great range of industrial units available at well known and established retail parks, such as 66 Long Lane, Barclay Trading Estate and Champions Business Park.

A trade counter is a location where you can sell goods at a reduced price, to registered tradesmen and businesses. These are usually attached to workshops or warehouses, but allow you to diversify the use of a rented space to be commercial as well as industrial. Since the rent and other overheads of an industrial unit are much less than a traditional shop, it presents a good way to sell goods without having to invest in a more formal brick and mortar premises.

Industrial units also present very flexible spaces. The open area gives you complete choice over the layout. If you prefer to display products for sale, you may do so, or dedicate space to demonstrate a particular item. If your customers know exactly what they want, you can leave minimal space for the counter and give the priority to keeping stock in the back.

If you rent space in an industrial unit, you need to consider how you will attract traffic. Since there is little footfall in these areas, you would need alternative strategies. If you rent in an area where there are similar trade counters set up, you can benefit from their customers. Additionally investing in signage on the building and the road can help. If you already have a strong presence online, you can announce a new trade counter through your website, and even hold an opening event to boost publicity.

Overall, a trade counter can be a great way to offer your products to trade customers at a discounted price, and by renting an industrial workshop you avoid the usual overheads associated with a shop.

If you're thinking about launching a trade counter and would like to discuss what property could be right for you, contact one of our expert team on 0845 872 6334.