HS2 - HS3 and what it means to Liverpool

What is the HS2 and HS3 and what it means to Liverpool

The HS3 Express is a proposed high-speed rail link between Liverpool – Manchester – Leeds and Hull. It is being billed as the rail link that will inject investment into the north and Empower the North – some are using the phrase “Northern Powerhouse”.

Ultimately, analysts say it will reduce unemployment in areas such as Liverpool, Sheffield, Manchester, and Leeds and bring much needed attention to the area for all the right reasons.

Recent days has seen discussions and statements from business leaders and the Chamber of Commerce that the HS3 line should be built before the completion of the HS2 line. Dr Kelly stated the HS3 line was needed to rebalance the economy.

HS3 will ultimately connect with the HS2 links which will extend from London to Manchester and Birmingham to Leeds.

What does this mean for Liverpool?  The accessibility of businesses and their staff in travelling to and from the area has suddenly become a much easier prospect. Transport times are reduced and the ability to attend other cities is easier, making business meetings and conferences more attractive.

Consequently, commercial property sales in Liverpool have experienced a boost in recent times. Due to this increased attention in the area with the development of The Venue at The Royal Liver Building and the proposed new site for Everton Football Club commercial property interest has soared. This combined with the proposal of HS3 Express from Liverpool to Manchester and Leeds makes the area very attractive indeed for businesses looking for the ideal base for their factory, workshop, offices etc.

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