How modern office design can boost employee morale

Hows your office effecting your employee moral? 

When we talk about employee morale, we often think about people management, but there are so many contributing factors to the happiness of a workforce, not least of which is the actual building in which they are situated.

So, how can a modern office design boost employee morale?


The idea of a one-size-fits-all open plan office environment is old-fashioned. Whilst some professions are expected to maintain a certain formality in the workplace, the same is rarely true for other industries.

Famously, internet giant Google has offices that closer resemble a child’s soft-play area than a place of business, and yet they thrive. You needn’t go that far, of course, but a less formal office layout does wonders to improve morale. A combination of comfortable sofas and coffee tables and mobile technology means your staff will no longer feel chained to their desks and are free to produce their best work.


Often it is the perks of the job, rather than any monetary compensation, that keeps staff morale high. Being able to use the company’s WiFi for free during breaks, for instance, or having a dedicated car parking space. On-site restaurants are particularly popular, as it allows employees to take a break from their desk to enjoy a cup of tea and a chat, ready to return refreshed and invigorated.

Staff gym membership proves even more popular, with staff able to burn off the frustrations of the day.  


It may be only tangentially related, but the location of your office can impact on the design. When looking for office space to rent in Liverpool, or any other major city, you have a wealth of options that a smaller town might not possess.

Location is also an important factor for employees using public transport for their daily commute. A location that offers good access to buses, trains or ferries can reduce your employees travel stress ensuring they arrive on time and ready to start work.

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