How modern is your office space?

Keeping up with the times when it comes to your office space.

Standard looking partitioned offices are outdated it would seem. It’s simply not cool enough nowadays. Offices need spicing up and face being dragged into the 21st Century kicking and screaming.

Cool and Quirky is the theme of today according to reports. Star Wars themed cinemas, table tennis and nail bars are the way forward, if some big companies’ offices are anything to go by.

The corporate bosses need to put the satisfaction of employees high up on their list of priorities. Have a stimulating workplace and provide thought provoking social interactions and the productivity of the workforce will increase.

Distraction seems to be the name of the game these days. This is so different to days gone by when productivity was the single focus and the workforce was expected to knuckle down without distraction and just get on with things.

Some companies, however, do seem to take things to another level. Such as the headquarters of Acuity in Sheboygan, which has a 65-foot indoor Ferris wheel!

Rock climbing walls and areas of rest to encourage naps, seemed to be the thing of Hollywood movies, but these are all becoming commonplace in our commercial environments all over the world.

Great planning and expense now goes into sleek designs and awesome reception areas where first impressions are so very important. When a client or customer walks in to the commercial building or office area, as well as the well-being, thought provoking and distracting world behind the scenes for the employees, the company also wants to impress at front of house.

Atriums, manicure rooms, onsite barbers, games rooms, swimming pools, rooftop bars…. These are all things you would never have associated with the corporate commercial world just a few years ago!

Modern office