7 Reasons Why You Should Rent a Commercial Property

When looking for commercial property in Liverpool you must make the choice between renting or buying your new premises. While there are advantages to both systems, here are just 7 reasons why you should rent a commercial property.

Signing a tenancy agreement

1. Greater choice

Commercial property in Liverpool is far more prevalent on the rental market. This is true of any large city, as property investors buy up quality commercial premises and renovate them to meet their tenants’ needs.

2. Fewer upfront costs

Buying a commercial property can be expensive and cut into your operating capital. That’s money that could be better invested in your corporate growth from the comfort of your newly-rented commercial premises.

3. Overhead consistency

Many rental agreements include business rates, utilities, services, and other bills as part of their package. As these costs are often fixed for the term of the contract, you can account for a large portion of your monthly outgoings in advance.

4. Less responsibility

As the owner of your property, you are responsible for everything from the security staff to the cleaning team, and more, many of which need to be hired through a third party. With a serviced rental property, they may make up part of the package.

5. More for your money

Commercial properties are long-term investments, recouping their costs long after purchase. For this reason, you are likely to get a better property through renting than if you took out a mortgage for the same outlay.

6. Greater flexibility

If your business grows, you don’t want to be shackled by a property that is too small. If you’re renting you can negotiate with your leasing company about upgrading to a bigger building, even midway through a contract.

7. Less risk

Nobody can predict the future. There are few things worse for a business than buying a commercial property and seeing its value slump in the following months, plunging them into negative equity. By renting your premises, you neatly sidestep the issue.

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