How To Improve Creativity In Your Office

One of the best ways to get the most out of your employees is to nurture their creativity. Staff who are given the opportunity to think outside of the box and develop creative solutions to their day-to-day work issues tend to happier, more satisfied with their job role, and, most importantly, more productive.

To foster that creativity in your team, you need a workplace environment that encourages innovation and creative thinking. In this article, we’re going to look at four quick and easy ways your office design can promote a more creative workforce.

Forget clear desks

The idea that a clear desk is indicative of an organised mind has long-since been debunked. If anything, all a clear desk shows you is that staff live in dread of violating a company policy. Let your team leave unfinished projects out in the open. Often, inspiration can strike at the most random times and it’s better to have the work immediately available to make the most of any sudden brainstorm.

Design a moveable layout

While having set desk locations can be beneficial in some ways, such as fostering tighter relationships between team members, it can be detrimental in others. Working in the same location with the same people can lead to a stagnation of ideas as staff fall into the same familiar work patterns. With folding desks, laptops, and wheeled office chairs, you can set up a different layout whenever you want to shake things up a little. This gets the whole office to work with one another and allows fresh insight into old, tired ways of working. If your desks are too large, or your computers too cumbersome, a hot-desking policy can fulfil the same role.

Bring in guests

Whatever industry you’re in, there are people and personalities within it who can add much to your company. Getting the occasional guest speaker in not only breaks up the monotony of office life, but also adds a valuable perspective from outside the work environment. It gives staff a better sense of where they belong in the greater scheme of things and encourages a more radical approach to their work.

Create a supportive environment

Of course, none of these ideas count for anything unless you, as management, are prepared to support the creativity of your staff. While not every idea will be a winner – or even feasible – it’s important that your employees can see that you value their contributions and their input. Take the time to discuss and develop any suggestions that come from your front line staff and you’ll see what a difference it can make to your business.

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