Barclay Business Park

Barclay Business Park is in Aintree, Liverpool, and consists of multiple industrial units, offices and trade counters. With a diverse range of businesses operating within the park, there are many advantages to renting a property at Barclay Business Park that your business can benefit from that we have listed below.

Barclay Business Park


Barclay Business Park provides a welcome alternative to the steeply-priced commercial properties situated in the highly-congested urban areas. This isn’t just beneficial in monetary terms to your organisation but favourable to your company in terms of commuting and getting to your premises, helping with greater productivity.  


If customers are also passing by or in the Liverpool region, the location of Barclay Business Park allows for easier visitation without having to consider the limited parking options of metropolitan urban areas. Public transport links are also close to the park allowing ease of travel to Liverpool Central Railway Station within an hour, whilst driving takes within 20 minutes.


Barclay Business Park also gives you the opportunity to grow your business without relocation. When you start out, the size of the business space you need may be minimal but as more customers are acquired and employees are brought on board, our additional units give you the option to increase your workspace. 

Close to Barclay Business Park is Barclay Trading Estate, giving you the option of a local warehouse, workshop or office space if required. Having inventory closely located to your office premises can help in keeping close tabs on stock levels and allow you to better manage external staff.

Not just a Business Park

There may be assumptions that a business park is far from any sort of attractions and is only suitable for work purposes. However, this is not the case with Barclay Business Park. There is a gym, park and multiple shops nearby allowing people that work in connection with your enterprise to enjoy their break time without having to travel to the heart of Liverpool city centre.

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