Winter Planning

Preparing for the holiday season

Winter is upon us it would seem, with all the recent snow which has fallen over Liverpool, England and the rest of the United Kingdom! We hope you are all keeping warm and preparing for the holiday season ahead. The winter months can produce many challenges to businesses, from extreme weather, transport issues and staffing. Planning your business over the cold season is essential, as is looking after the staff who will be experiencing additional stresses and strains at this time of year.

Securing your business

Remember that security is a paramount concern over the festive period as most businesses shut down for a while and rely on security systems in place to look after their premises while nobody is at work. If you are looking to relocate or upgrade your commercial business, then you should seriously consider Business Parks or Office Units with CCTV and 24hr security. 


Finding the right location for your business is a great start. Relocate to one of our commercial buildings located within proximity and easy reach of transport links. Make it as easy as possible for your customers, employees, and suppliers to reach you. You will be glad you did when your competition can’t function as well during severe weather instances such as we are currently experiencing. Simpler commutes for your employees means less time travelling and cheaper travelling costs for them. This in turn makes working for your company more attractive in the longer term.

Get creative with your office space

Engage with your staff and make the working environment a great place to work. Productivity can often increase as a result. Focus on engaging with your staff and improve morale. Some of our commercial properties have access to a gym as part of the terms! Providing on-site exercise facilities is a great way to promote fitness in the workplace and the interaction between employees. Once your business is successful and starts to expand, consider multiple separate office locations. Some businesses feel you don’t always have to have everyone crammed into the same place and having the additional cost of extra space is outweighed by the productivity and morale from a good working environment.


Communication is key to any business succeeding in today's world. It quite simply has never been easier to commute with one another in a virtual way. However, we should always remember the benefits of face to face interaction and the importance of a conducive office layout to promote this. Good office I.T. infrastructure is always important when relocating or renting your first business premises nowadays. Every trade these days seem to be predominantly computer based, so make things easier from the start.

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

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Special November Offer

There is still time to check out our November Offer! Take out one of our offices and don't start paying rent until next year! That's right, there is two month's free rent on selected Liverpool Offices with Centaur Properties.

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How modern is your office space?

Standard looking partitioned offices are outdated it would seem. It’s simply not cool enough nowadays. Offices need spicing up and face being dragged into the 21st Century kicking and screaming.

Cool and Quirky is the theme of today according to reports. Star Wars themed cinemas, table tennis and nail bars are the way forward, if some big companies’ offices are anything to go by.

The corporate bosses need to put the satisfaction of employees high up on their list of priorities. Have a stimulating workplace and provide thought provoking social interactions and the productivity of the workforce will increase.

Distraction seems to be the name of the game these days. This is so different to days gone by when productivity was the single focus and the workforce was expected to knuckle down without distraction and just get on with things.

Some companies, however, do seem to take things to another level. Such as the headquarters of Acuity in Sheboygan, which has a 65-foot indoor Ferris wheel!

Rock climbing walls and areas of rest to encourage naps, seemed to be the thing of Hollywood movies, but these are all becoming commonplace in our commercial environments all over the world.

Great planning and expense now goes into sleek designs and awesome reception areas where first impressions are so very important. When a client or customer walks in to the commercial building or office area, as well as the well-being, thought provoking and distracting world behind the scenes for the employees, the company also wants to impress at front of house.

Atriums, manicure rooms, onsite barbers, games rooms, swimming pools, rooftop bars…. These are all things you would never have associated with the corporate commercial world just a few years ago!

Liverpool 2018

A decade since the European Capital of Culture

According to Visit Liverpool, there is to be a great spectacle of entertainment and celebration in 2018 to mark a decade since the city was the European Capital of Culture. The city has seen a lots of change in the last 10 years and there is much to recognise and celebrate in all aspects of life and business.

2018 in Liverpool will see a year long programme of events, which at the moment is still under wraps according to Visit Liverpool. There is sure to be a celebration and extravaganza of fashion, sport, theatre, the arts, music, technology and business to name a few. 

In the run up to 2018 we will add more information to our website about the events happening in Liverpool. For more information on the arts and to see What's On in Liverpool, you could take a look at the Visit Liverpool website as they have lots of useful information. 

Remember to start using #Liverpool2018 in social networking to keep up to speed on all things Liverpool 2018.

HS2 - HS3 and what it means to Liverpool

The HS3 Express is a proposed high-speed rail link between Liverpool – Manchester – Leeds and Hull. It is being billed as the rail link that will inject investment into the north and Empower the North – some are using the phrase “Northern Powerhouse”.

Ultimately, analysts say it will reduce unemployment in areas such as Liverpool, Sheffield, Manchester, and Leeds and bring much needed attention to the area for all the right reasons.

Recent days has seen discussions and statements from business leaders and the Chamber of Commerce that the HS3 line should be built before the completion of the HS2 line. Dr Kelly stated the HS3 line was needed to rebalance the economy.

HS3 will ultimately connect with the HS2 links which will extend from London to Manchester and Birmingham to Leeds.

What does this mean for Liverpool?  The accessibility of businesses and their staff in travelling to and from the area has suddenly become a much easier prospect. Transport times are reduced and the ability to attend other cities is easier, making business meetings and conferences more attractive.

Consequently, commercial property sales in Liverpool have experienced a boost in recent times. Due to this increased attention in the area with the development of The Venue at The Royal Liver Building and the proposed new site for Everton Football Club commercial property interest has soared. This combined with the proposal of HS3 Express from Liverpool to Manchester and Leeds makes the area very attractive indeed for businesses looking for the ideal base for their factory, workshop, offices etc.

For more information on our Commercial Properties available to let in Liverpool, visit the Properties page

Why choose Liverpool to relocate your commercial business?

Liverpool and the Merseyside area is currently experiencing a boom in commercial property investment in 2017.

This is welcome news to local businesses and residents alike for many reasons.

As an example, Farhad Moshiri - an Iranian billionaire and largest shareholder of Everton FC - was involved in the recent purchase of the iconic Royal Liver Building. Mr Moshiri was a major shareholder in the consortium led by Corestate Capital which bought the Liver Building for £48m. This investment has helped provide a boost in Commercial Property interest and sales in the Liverpool area.

Centaur Properties is located less than 6 miles away from this iconic building and offers a whole range of business premises for let in all shapes and sizes.

Goodison Park, the home of Everton Football Club, is located just off Walton Lane, less than 3 miles away from Centaur Properties Liverpool HQ. This club is due to be relocated just down the road at Bramley-Moore Docks, according to news reports. A new football stadium is said to be in planning stage but no doubt will include consultation with the fans on stadium capacity and design features etc. and will be of great benefit to the area.

Large scale commercial ventures such as these have a knock-on effect within the community and provide added attraction to overseas investors and businesses relocating to the area. This provides extra jobs and income for residents of Liverpool while increasing the demand for commercial property in the area such as offices, workshops, and warehousing, all which Centaur Properties has on offer.

This has also caused a bit of excitement locally as Commercial Property deals have increased significantly in the past year and a half.

Centaur Properties currently has commercial property to let in Walton and Liverpool, in the area surrounding Everton and Liverpool Football Clubs. These range from small right through to large scale sized units with prices to suit all businesses looking to relocate to the area.


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